whole foods


In 2008, we brought the goods to Boston. Burgers topped with mac n' cheese, mozzarella sticks, guac...WTF?? Boston had no idea what they were missing, but now, they can't look at a burger without some fried goods and BBC sauces on top. Our customers agree that after a #BBCBurgerLab creation, you'll feel #blessed to never have to settle for an average burger again.

Burgers and freak frappes are our specialty but we don't stop there. We make scratch-made salsa that will take your DIY burger up at least 3 notches.  But don't stop at the burger. Our salsa is also sure to spice up your chip dipping, fish grilling, morning eggs and burrito. 

From mild to freakin' hot, you can easily find your perfect match. Choose from our 3 selections...

Wild Mild: tame, but ready to party

Bahama Mama: how we like our women...sweet, spicy with some tropical feels 

Inferno Habanero: the hottest of bunch with some sweetness

Can't make it to the restaurant? Don't cry. This is easy. We can ship our burgers to your door. Or find the BBC Salsa on our website and your local Whole Foods, Hannaford, Roche Bros. or Star Market.