8 Signs that you Might be #Basic this Fall...And We Aren't Helping

Pumpkin products are in full force and we couldn't just sit this one out. Fall in New England is pretty ideal and everyone is taking photos (of the same darn things!). We've been seeing endless pictures of pumpkin patches and those huge scarves flooding Instagram and thought, "we need to make our people happy."

If you didn't know fall could get more basic, we might have just one-upped everyone. Oops. We created a frappe that will make your jaw drop (along with your PSL).

And if you weren't sure, here are 8 signs that you might already be #basic this early in the fall season...and we are surprised to say that we're number 1.

1. You're already obsessed with "It's the Greatest Pumpkin Frappe": We just launched probably the most basic treat in #BBCLab for National Frappe Day and we aren't mad about it. It's got vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, a graham cracker rim and pumpkin candies. We will be serving it during the month of October which gives you enough time to Instagram it. And If you're feeling boozy, spike it with UFO Pumpkin.

2. You have a picture at Colby Farms Sunflower Patch or have serious regret that you didn't get there in time.

3. You went to Harpoonfest last weekend and can't get enough of their Flannel Friday beer....which we also have on tap!

4. You went apple picking and ended up with more apples than you really wanted. We can help you with that. Or try our Vermonster burger. It's amazing.

5. You pushed the season and got a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte the minute they came out. (Refer back to number 1...way more worth it)

6. You and your crew have a picture in a pumpkin patch. Maybe even an awkward family photo.

7. You already have plans to go Salem this month and dress up like witch.

8. You're on a sweet potato kick. And in that case, ask Phantom Gourmet how good our sweet potato fries are...or just watch this video

See you soon at the BBC! The Great Pumpkin Frappe is waiting on you...