burgers and wine

October Burgabox: The OktoberFEAST

Hallo Burga Lovers!

Tis the season of beer, cheese, sausages and German pretzels and we have some great news. Our October Burgabox has all of the above....

  • 2 Blitzkrieg Burgers: 1/2 lb burgers with sautéed apples, onion, sauerkraut, bratwurst, Emmentaler cheese, Sam Adams Oktoberfest infused whole grain mustard
  • Wunderbar Fries: Our take on German Potato Salad with bacon, sautéed onions, parsley with a side of Sam Adams Oktoberfest Beer infused aioli
  • The Sausagefest Mac & Cheese: Sausage and beer-braised onion mac & cheese

Yup. We told you it was a feast. 

But don't take our word for it. Let Paul, co-owner of BBC and BurgaBox (AKA a Burga-meista) explain this one...



10 Pieces of Bar Equipment You Never Knew You Needed

1. A Whiskey Wedge Glass: This glass chills your whiskey without watering it down. Perfect for the Jameson lover in you.

2. Wooden Martini Glasses: Whether you are just a classy girl or a macho guy trying to hide the fact that you love girly martinis, these are for you. 

3. A CO2 powered Wine Bottle Opener: Nothing says, “I’m cool” quite like being able to open a wine bottle with the push of a button.

4. Wooden Massachusetts Beer Cap Map: Not quite a tool, but still equally important. This wooden piece is the perfect touch to your home bar.

5. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker: There is just something about mason jars that make every drink cooler. Add a shaker to that and you’ve basically hit perfection. 

6. Vinotini Flip Glasses: Is it a wine night or martini night? Why not both? These reversible glasses give you the option to sit back and relax with a glass of pinot, or stir things up with a martini. The choice is yours. Buy them here.

7. Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle: Steel is the ultimate metal of manliness and this mortar and pestle makes muddling mint 150% more macho.

8. Birthday Cake Jello Shots: Sometimes the kid in us just needs to be let free. You’re never too old for cake and these jello shots can turn any party into a wild birthday celebration.

9. Copper Barrel Mug: This take on a Moscow Mule Mug sets itself apart from the rest. The perfect addition to your man-cave lies in this fine piece of craftsmanship.

10. Beaker Jigger: Go ahead, let your nerdy side show. This beaker jigger allows you to play mad-scientist in the comfort of your own bar.

Rosé + Burgers? You Got That Right.

If you've been breathing lately, you know that rosé is so hot right now. Well, we prefer it chilled, but you get what we're saying. Burgers and beer have always had a healthy marriage, but burgers and rosé? That's a summer fling we're hot for.

The love affair ignited when we added a new wine to our list: Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Rosé.

She's feminine and stylish, with a fragrant perfume of fresh strawberries and lavender. This dry rosé is crisp, delicate, and elegantly fruity with just a kiss of spice on the finish. 

With the #pinkdrinks flowing, the romance continued into the kitchen where Sofia met her match made in burger heaven: The Sophie. A 1/2 lb. of beef with prosciutto, goat cheese, candied walnuts, Dalmatia fig spread, arugula tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, and balsamic reduction.

Boston Burger Company The Sophie.jpg

Sofia might sound girly, but this rosé is full-bodied enough to stand up to the protein and cut through the fat to enhance the salty, savory flavors of The Sophie. This fling just got serious.

For more gossip, have you heard we're launching Burgabox? Soon enough you'll be able to make The Sophie at home with our badass meal subscription service. Stay tuned, and until then CHEERS!