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BBC's "Pitcher Perfect" Fall Sangria

Haha. You thought sangria season was over. Nope. Not in the #BBCBurgerLab. If you haven't tried our Autumn Cider Sangria in our restaurants, you now have a chance to make it at home. 

It's Thursday so #winenot brew up some of the good stuff and invite a few friends over.

It's easy to make, and even easier to be responsible kids.

Here are the ingredients

  • 2-1.5 liters of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 1 Gallon of Apple Cider
  • 4 Honey Crisp Apples 
  • 3 cups of Dried Figs (cut in half)
  • 3 cups of Dried Cranberries
  • 12 cinnamon sticks
  • 3 Teaspoons of whole cloves
  • 3.5 Teaspoons of Nutmeg
  • *Champagne (see directions below)


  • Mix all ingredients except for the champagne and let this beautiful concoction sit for a minimum of 24 hours.


  • If you're feeling fancy, put a cinnamon & sugar rim on the wine glass.
  • Strain the sangria before serving. Fill wine glass with ice. Pour Sangria 3/4 full and top it off with champagne.



The Head of the Charles Regatta is the World's largest two-day rowing competition and it happens to take place in our beautiful city. We have the honor of serving the athletes and spectators all the stop by our food truck and grab yourself a little something, something during a race. And don't be shy, come back for seconds.

Like us, you might be totally confused about the rowing terminology that is being thrown around... Or you might just have some questions about the main event deetz. (Honestly, it could just be our accents...If you're coming from out of town... I would suggest starting here first.)

In any case, we have the most important details for the Regatta this weekend to make your experience go flawlessly with good food and company. (What else can you ask for?)

Date of Event: October 22nd and October 23rd

Racing Times: 8am-5pm

Length of the Race: 3 Miles

# of Athletes Competing: 11,000

Are dogs allowed? YES.

Location of Food Vendors: Weld Exhibition, Reunion Village, Cambridge Boat Club, and Rowing and Fitness Expo/Finish Line area. Find us on Memorial Drive.

What is a Coxswain? Get your head out of the gutter. This is the person on the boat without an oar (and is probably on the smaller side). They bark orders for steering and race commands. You'll see them in the stern or bow of the boat.

What about a coxbox? We aren't messing with you. This is a real term. It's a portable voice amplifier for the Coxswain.

Heavyweight: a rower that exceeds the weight of the lightweight competition. AKA rowers that love burgas.

A Sculler: a rower that uses two oars.

"Let it Run!": Stop everything you're doing and let the boat glide for a distance. (So calm down and don't be perturbed when the competitors stop rowing for a bit)

Make Sure to Look out For:

  Genevra (Gevvie) Stone, a U.S. Silver medalist at 2016 Rio Olympics and is a six-time winner of H.O.C. Championship Women's Single Sculls.

  Mahe Drysdale,German captain of the Great Eight . He clinched two gold medals between the 2016 Rio and 2012 London Olympics.

Average Time Length of the Races: The time depends on the age group and number of people on the boat. But expect each race to last around 15-25 minutes.

Best Starting Line View: The Boston University Bridge or BU Sailing Pavillion. For pictures of pre-race, non-sweaty athletes with the Boston Skyline, get your cameras ready at the BU Bridge!

Best Finish Line View: The Eliot Bridge (you'll have to buy a ticket to get on this bad boy).

Have fun, and we will see you there!

Sunday Football Snacks that will Change the Game

Football season is finally here and you better believe we are carbo loading on the couch every Sunday. Get your snack on and quick...Tom Brady is back!

  1. Beer Candied Bacon by Tide & Thyme

2. Ham and Cheese Crescents by Plain Chicken 

3. Cheesy Meatball Bombs by Baked by an Introvert

4. Chili Cheese Fries by Boston Burger Company...You can make them using our recipe or have the ingredients shipped to your doorstep.

5. Sriracha Chex Mix by My Bacon Wrapped Life

6. Try it Sweet with Sally's Baking Addiction Cupcake Puppy Chow

7. Snickers Apple Bites by Self Proclaimed Foodie 

8. Mini Bloomin' Onion by Macheesmo

9. M&M Brownie Batter Dip by Fake Ginger

10. Mini Chicken and Waffles by Food Folks and Fun 

11. Toasted Ravioli by Garnish and Glaze

12. 7 Layer Dip by Food and Wine (An oldy but goody). We'll knock out two of the layers for you. Read about our salsas and visit our online store! And we can also teach you how to guacamole in the best way.

10 Outrageous Food Combinations that are Actually Pretty Damn Tasty

Most people grew up with Mom packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in their lunch box. The salty and sweet combination is a classic and remains the root of all of our cravings. But, what if you're missing out on something great? There are tons of combinations that have been swept under the rug because they sound, well, gross. But we're the food guys here so you can trust us. Here are ten weird food combinations that are ACTUALLY wicked good. 

1. Bacon and Peanut Butter: Bacon is the new jelly and we have a King Frappe and King Burger that will prove it. Both include a healthy dollop of peanut butter, fried bananas dusted in cinnamon and sugar and bacon. You have to try this.

Photo: Photodisc

Photo: Photodisc

So, tell us. Which ones have you tried? Which ones can you get down with?