10 Terms that Will Help you Survive a Weekend in Boston

Picture it: You’re visiting Boston for the first time and are daring enough to ask a "Masshole" for advice on where to find the best burger in town (psshh, you can answer that one). Besides our legendary rivalry with the New York Yankees and realllly historical sights, Boston is most famous for our wicked cool accent. Right away, you’ll realize that we replace our “er”s with “ah”s and speak a couple octaves higher than the average American. Even those who grew up in the suburbs are not safe from the “pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd” stereotype. Despite our hard exterior, we want you to love that dirty water as much as we do.  

We came up with some terms that will help you to successfully navigate Boston without getting lost, scared or just straight up confused.

1.Wicked: We are not insulting you. Or maybe we are. Despite the dictionary definition meaning evil, it is the equivalent to "really" or "very". i.e. The Boston Burger Company has wicked good burgers.

2."Bang a Right": Don't panic. Although you will hear blaring car horns and witness some close calls (we are known for our aggressive driving), the lady or gent is probably just telling you to take a right onto a street.

3."The T": AKA our city subway system. It's good, not great

4. Frappe: You might have seen our famous Freak Frappes on Eater, Bravo or Mashable (not so humble brag).... And you are dying to see how Boston does a "Milkshake". Here it is friends, BAM.


5. Bubblah: Alright. Don't get too excited. We're not hinting at our 420 Burger or any activity that might come before consuming it. It's just a water fountain.

6. Candlepin: We take sports very seriously here. We don't take the easy way out, even on the weekends. Think bowling with small pins and balls.  Probably why we have 4 NFL Super Bowl titles...

7. Packie: This is not a derogatory word for a Packers fan, just a term we use for a liquor store. If you're sick of having to serve yourself beer, we have a pretty amazing draft selection at our restaurants in CambridgeBoston and Davis Square.

8. Regular Coffee: How we take our Dunkies coffee, with cream and sugar. 

9. Southie: Home of Whitey Bulger and the set of The Departed. 

10. Burga: In other words, a burger...our specialty. Hell, we even have a whole meal kit service, Burgabox, that will send our craft burgas to your doorstop.

Marco, Pollo?

marco pollo italian chicken sandwich boston burger company

Look at this bad boy we just cooked up in the #BBCBurgerLab. Two breaded chicken cutlets dripping with globs of fresh mozz and a marinara sauce so good, we just can't keep it a secret. 

Inspired by our annual trip to Italy and week-long binge on authentic local fare, we came to the conclusion about why this stuff is so good. Each meal was concocted with the freshest and most high-quality ingredients that made us want to never stop eating. (And we didn't.)

We returned to Boston with a mission: to revamp and kill the chicken parm game with a brand new sauce. After some trial and error and A LOT of tasting (we didn't hate it), we created the best Italian-grandma-approved marinara sauce your lips will ever touch and now, you can too.  With just a few ingredients from your grocery store and garden you can join us in salivating over this recipe.

Key Ingredients

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Don't skimp on the EVOO. Our friend Piero from I Tre Tari recommends this:
  • Fresh garlic: Because what is marinara sauce without it?
  • Diced onions: We prefer yellow, but white will do.
  • Plenty of salt & freshly ground pepper
  • White wine: Anything in your cabinet.
  • San Marzano tomatoes: The most popular plum tomato from Italy. Find them in every top chef's kitchen.
  • Fresh Basil from your garden. Snip those good green leaves. 

Now...Put that sh*t on we did on our Marco Pollo, a new special coming to the food truck. Be ready.

Step Up Your Tomato Game

If you’re a fellow New Englander, you know that finding a perfectly ripe tomato only happens for a few weeks each year. From late July into August, we relish (in?) the abundance of red, ripe, and juicy local tomatoes. The rest of the year we’re stuck with less flavorful options that have travelled thousand of miles to end up in our grocery cart. Here’s how we get creative and transform bland tomatoes into something delicious.

Tomatoes are in fact a fruit, but often referred to as a vegetable because of their affinity for savory ingredients. At the Boston Burger Company, we prove this example true with our Bruschetta Burger. Upon first bite, close your eyes and drift away to an island off the Amalfi Coast. Instantly, you’re transported to a paninoteca, dining al fresco.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Here’s how you can cure your wanderlust and make our bruschetta at home.

Take your tomato and chop in a ¼-inch dice. Thinly slice 2-3 fresh basil leaves into strips. Place diced tomato and basil into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt & pepper to taste and mix until combined. Allow the tomato mixture to sit for at least 2 hours -- the longer the marinating time, the more delicious the end result.

Add bruschetta to burgers, sandwiches, salads, eggs and more. You’ll be living the summer dream all year round.

How to choose the best tomatoes:

  1. Look for firm tomatoes with wrinkle-free skins and a noticeable tomato scent. You’ll get the sweetest flavor if the tomatoes are fully ripened before picking, but there’s a quick fix for buying underripe tomatoes. Just stick them in a brown paper bag at room temperature, or place on a windowsill. Within a day or two, your tomatoes will have a much sweeter, juicier flavor.

  2. Tomatoes taste best soon after picking, so when possible seek out locally grown tomatoes. Look at the leafy tops for a sign of freshness. Choose perky, bright green leaves over wilted. Avoid any with signs of mold.