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October Burgabox: The OktoberFEAST

Hallo Burga Lovers!

Tis the season of beer, cheese, sausages and German pretzels and we have some great news. Our October Burgabox has all of the above....

  • 2 Blitzkrieg Burgers: 1/2 lb burgers with sautéed apples, onion, sauerkraut, bratwurst, Emmentaler cheese, Sam Adams Oktoberfest infused whole grain mustard
  • Wunderbar Fries: Our take on German Potato Salad with bacon, sautéed onions, parsley with a side of Sam Adams Oktoberfest Beer infused aioli
  • The Sausagefest Mac & Cheese: Sausage and beer-braised onion mac & cheese

Yup. We told you it was a feast. 

But don't take our word for it. Let Paul, co-owner of BBC and BurgaBox (AKA a Burga-meista) explain this one...



10 Terms that Will Help you Survive a Weekend in Boston

Picture it: You’re visiting Boston for the first time and are daring enough to ask a "Masshole" for advice on where to find the best burger in town (psshh, you can answer that one). Besides our legendary rivalry with the New York Yankees and realllly historical sights, Boston is most famous for our wicked cool accent. Right away, you’ll realize that we replace our “er”s with “ah”s and speak a couple octaves higher than the average American. Even those who grew up in the suburbs are not safe from the “pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd” stereotype. Despite our hard exterior, we want you to love that dirty water as much as we do.  

We came up with some terms that will help you to successfully navigate Boston without getting lost, scared or just straight up confused.

1.Wicked: We are not insulting you. Or maybe we are. Despite the dictionary definition meaning evil, it is the equivalent to "really" or "very". i.e. The Boston Burger Company has wicked good burgers.

2."Bang a Right": Don't panic. Although you will hear blaring car horns and witness some close calls (we are known for our aggressive driving), the lady or gent is probably just telling you to take a right onto a street.

3."The T": AKA our city subway system. It's good, not great

4. Frappe: You might have seen our famous Freak Frappes on Eater, Bravo or Mashable (not so humble brag).... And you are dying to see how Boston does a "Milkshake". Here it is friends, BAM.


5. Bubblah: Alright. Don't get too excited. We're not hinting at our 420 Burger or any activity that might come before consuming it. It's just a water fountain.

6. Candlepin: We take sports very seriously here. We don't take the easy way out, even on the weekends. Think bowling with small pins and balls.  Probably why we have 4 NFL Super Bowl titles...

7. Packie: This is not a derogatory word for a Packers fan, just a term we use for a liquor store. If you're sick of having to serve yourself beer, we have a pretty amazing draft selection at our restaurants in CambridgeBoston and Davis Square.

8. Regular Coffee: How we take our Dunkies coffee, with cream and sugar. 

9. Southie: Home of Whitey Bulger and the set of The Departed. 

10. Burga: In other words, a burger...our specialty. Hell, we even have a whole meal kit service, Burgabox, that will send our craft burgas to your doorstop.

Rosé + Burgers? You Got That Right.

If you've been breathing lately, you know that rosé is so hot right now. Well, we prefer it chilled, but you get what we're saying. Burgers and beer have always had a healthy marriage, but burgers and rosé? That's a summer fling we're hot for.

The love affair ignited when we added a new wine to our list: Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Rosé.

She's feminine and stylish, with a fragrant perfume of fresh strawberries and lavender. This dry rosé is crisp, delicate, and elegantly fruity with just a kiss of spice on the finish. 

With the #pinkdrinks flowing, the romance continued into the kitchen where Sofia met her match made in burger heaven: The Sophie. A 1/2 lb. of beef with prosciutto, goat cheese, candied walnuts, Dalmatia fig spread, arugula tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, and balsamic reduction.

Boston Burger Company The Sophie.jpg

Sofia might sound girly, but this rosé is full-bodied enough to stand up to the protein and cut through the fat to enhance the salty, savory flavors of The Sophie. This fling just got serious.

For more gossip, have you heard we're launching Burgabox? Soon enough you'll be able to make The Sophie at home with our badass meal subscription service. Stay tuned, and until then CHEERS!