apple picking

How to Put your Apple Picking to Good Use

Fall is here and that means everyone and their mother starts heading to the farm for apple picking, apple cider and hot, sugary doughnuts. Although we don't quite understand the fascination with picking apples from a tree (there are far easier ways to get apples people), we know it is a crowd favorite. Whether you're there to snap a pic or to entertain your children, you probably left the orchard with far too many apples and no idea what to do with them. We might not be the typical orchard-going guys, but we do know a thing or two about utilizing a good apple. Here is a breakdown of the common apples you will see at an orchard and how to use them in the best way. 

Eat These Apples Raw:

The following apples are great for snacking, stand out in a salad or add some sweetness to a green juice.

  • Fuji: Cousins with the Red Delicious. They have an intense sweetness that will trick any kid into eating some fruit.
  • Gala: Great for a homemade apple cider.
  • Honey Crisp:  savor the sweet-tart flavor and just take a bite

Bake These Apples in a Pie:

The following apples are great for a classic apple pie or sautéing . They all provide a natural sweetness that will help to limit the amount of extra sugar added to your desserts (save your sugar fix for our freak frappes).

  • Golden Delicious: FYI these apples are not related to the Red Delicious, despite their similar names. Be wary of their tendency to bruise easily and breakdown quickly. Use them ASAP.
  • Granny Smith: Our favorite apple to work with. We sauté Grannys and throw them on our Vermonster and in our German Slaw for the newest Burgabox Box. They are insanely good.  Want to try? Seriously, we will ship them right to your doorstep.
  • Jonagold: It is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious (hence the name).
  • Rome Beauty: This apple type is known for upholding the classic round, red coloring that you see on cartoons. However, the flavor is underwhelming. Maybe just skip picking these all together.

Get Saucy with these Apples

The following apples are perfect for a homemade apple sauce or any type of puree. They breakdown beautifully with little to no browning and provide sweetness to any sauce.

  • Cortland Apples: Pro tip: Use Cortland apples first. They tend to loose their sweetness and crispness quickly. 
  • Macintosh: Due to it's natural tartness, these apples can satisfy any savory or sweet dish. Make a delicious apple butter or throw some sauce on pork. ***We really advise not baking with McIntosh apples because of their mealy texture and soft tendencies.***Just don't.
  • Empire: Sweet with a little bit of spice, the Empire apple, when broken down will give you a rosy pink sauce. 
  • Red Delicious: You know, the top heavy, deep red apples? In our option, the Red Delicious does not have the best flavor, but stand out well in holiday decorations. But if you ate all your apples, they are a good last resort.

How do you like them apples?