10 Tips for Making the Perfect Burger

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Here at BBC, we're pretty picky about how we make our burgers. For good reason, that is. To make sure YOU have the best, tastiest experience at our restaurants. Whether you're going with the All American burger (it's a classic!) or as wild as the WTF (we named it that for a reason), here's how we make them awesome.

  1. Use 80/20 ground chuck. A relatively high fat content guarantees a juicy burger. Trust us, it’s worth the splurge. If you’re going to eat a burger, it might as well taste damn good.

  2. Make a thumbprint in the middle of the patty before cooking. Use your thumb to make an impression in the center of the burger to prevent it from puffing up. Otherwise, you get a plump center and you’ll want to smash it down -- a big no no, especially while cooking!

  3. Season the burger well. We use a special rub here at Boston Burger Company, but at the very least, you should liberally sprinkle your patty with salt and pepper.

  4. Cook your burger over high heat. Make sure your grill or pan is hot hot hot. This will produce a really great crust. Allow the burger to cook on the first side for 3-5 minutes until you...

  5. Flip once! And only once. But don’t rush the process. A perfect crust will take at least 3 minutes. Otherwise your meat will fall apart and you’ll lose that perfect round shape. It needs to fit the bun, after all. Flip the burger and continue cooking until a crust has formed on the bottom and the burger is cooked to your desired doneness. An additional 4 minutes will give you a medium-cooked burger -- chef’s preference!

  6. Know how long to cook it. We here at BBC prefer a burger that is pink and juicy in the middle -- somewhere between medium-rare and medium. Here’s some cooking times to help you during the process. Rare: 6 minutes. Medium-rare: 7 minutes. Medium: 8 minutes. Medium-well: 9 minutes. Well-done: 11 minutes.

  7. Don’t press the burger! Do not, we repeat, do NOT press the burger down with the spatula as it cooks. Pressing down on it will squeeze out all the delicious juices, taking all the moisture and flavor with it. For the love of everything burgers, just let the patty sit and cook.  

  8. Add cheese! And maybe more than one type. A mix of two cheeses will really intensify the burger’s overall flavor. A good ol’ slice of American is perfect, but if you feel like spicing things up with a slice of Cheddar Jack -- do your thing!

  9. Add some steam to help the cheese melt. Once you’ve topped the burger patty with cheese, add a few splashes of water and immediately cover the pan. Allow the water to steam and, for about 30 seconds, let cheese completely melt. There’s nothing better than a burger with a patty covered in warm, gooey cheese.

  10. Use soft buns. When you lift your burger to the face, a soft bun molds itself around the patty. This ensures the best burger to bun ratio for each bite. No forks allowed!

Got any burger tips for us? Comment below!

Cook a Burger that Will Please Your Annoying, Foodie Friend

We all have that friend. You know, the one that sends back his/her burger if it is medium instead of medium-rare?

Now, you've just received your 2-pack of the Mac Attack from BurgaBox and you're having "that" friend over to share it. 

While you usually just cook a burger until it looks edible, your foodie friend cannot stand to eat a burger that is not medium-rare. 

And suddenly, the panic becomes real. You have one chance to perform because there are no send backs (maybe you should have splurged for the 4-pack) or an innocent waiter to take the blame. Basically your friendship is on the line. Yes, burgers can be this serious.

First, let's break it down to the basics. Medium, well done, etc? What does this all mean?

Rare: A cool red center, with a lot of juice. If you're new to cooking, you probably should not serve essentially raw meat to your guests. This will ensure that no one will be poisoned and you will still have friends at the end of the meal.

Medium Rare: A warm red center that still has a lot of juice. 

Medium: The most popular way to eat a burger. The center is pink but still contains great moisture. Again, the safest way to keep all of your friends.

Medium Well: A slight hint of pink with a little juice left in the patty.

Well Done: The patty is officially brown all the way through and there is probably no juice left. It might become dry and tough (aka kind of gross)...we don't recommend cooking your burgers this way.

Now that you're educated, it's time to execute.

There are two ways to go about this. First, the touch test. For each level, compare the firmness of your palm to the burger.

For the medium rare crew, keep the burger patty on until it is as firm as your palm when your thumb and index finger make contact. Perform the same technique for the following...

Medium: Thumb to middle finger

Medium Well: Thumb to ring finger

Well Done: Pinky to thumb.

If you have some germaphobes in the house, stick a thermometer right through the side.

The temperatures should read as follows,

Medium Rare: 130-135 degrees 

Medium: 135-140 degrees

Medium Well: 140-150 degrees

Well Done: 155+ degrees

This cheat sheet combined with our easy-to-follow BurgaBox instructions will allow you create a Burgerfeast so amazing, "that" friend will be coming back every week for some more. But maybe make him/her buy next time...

The December BurgaBox is a Christmas Miracle

Are you on the nice list? We hope not. Because Santa Claus is coming to town and it's with the baddest BurgaBox feast yet.

This December, you're not getting coal in your stocking. Those are just some crazy, delicious meatballs in Nonna's Homemade Mac & Cheese. 

Looking for something sweet? What about these Candied Sweet Potato Fries. You know, the kind with marshmallows and brown sugar melting all over the top?

And don't let me even start with our Pastrami Tsunami. It is a 1/2 burger, sautéed onions, swiss cheese, homemade pastrami, thousand island dressing and topped with Grillo's Pickles. It's about to take down kitchens all over the country.

Don't be a Grinch, tell Burga Expert Paul Malvone what you really want for Christmas. Order between December 1st-10th and you may just get what you're asking for.

FYI, BurgaBox is providing 3 month and 6 month subscriptions to our monthly club, for the holiday season. Which officially makes it the best present out there. 

7 Ways to Step Up your Thanksgiving LeftOvers Game

Thanksgiving is over but that doesn't mean your food bender has to be. It's time to open your fridge and conquer all of that extra turkey and put it to good use. This year, take your leftovers to the next level with these 7 recipes. They will surely be gobbled up by the end of the weekend.

The Pilgrim: aka a turkey gobbler on steroids. We serve it at all 3 restaurant locations but you can follow our lead and make one yourself. All you need is cranberry mayo, a turkey burger and some stuffing to make this the perfect post-Thanksgiving sandwich.


Cranberry Tartlets: Because Martha Stewart's recipes always come through.

Eggs Benedict: We recommend using left over gravy instead of the classic hollandaise sauce. 

Apple Butter: A great and delicious way to use your leftover apples. If you're not sure which type of apples to use...we have a guide.

Turkey Chili by Boston Burger Company: Use the recipe we gave you for our beef chili and substitute with turkey. Get crazy and throw that shizz on French fries.


Mashed Potato Spring Rolls: Simple and very delicious. Again, we recommend using gravy as a dipping sauce. It will not disappoint.